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  • A Book About Rhys

    This booklet was compiled to break down barriers during Rhys Walden's transition to school. The many photographs illustrate the book's simple message: that Rhys is a happy five year old, adored by family and friends and a part of his community.

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  • Strategies for curricular inclusion

    The inclusion now of students in the lowest 20% has just made clear what the reality has been for a century – teachers have to teach to diversity.

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  • Inclusion: A Road Worth Taking

    In this article Jeff and Cindy Struly look back over the last 23 years of working towards the full inclusion of their children Alex and Shawntell.

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    Learn about inclusive education, hear from a parent whose child is learning in the regular class and see how inclusion can work at schools.

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  • A Principal's Perspective: Inclusive Education

    "What society calls a 'disability' often simply represents differences - sometimes extreme differences - in learning styles. We know that everyone has different ways of learning, and the belief that every child is a lifelong learner permeated the culture at our school.

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  • Joel's Story

    Joel Satherley is a young man who lives on the north coast of NSW. Joel's is an extremely inspiring story. As a young man with multiple disability (cerebral palsy and Tourette's Syndrome) , he overcame a restrictive segregated schooling experience to become a talented young artist.

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  • Our Presence Has Roots: The Ongoing Story Deohaeko Support Network

    Deohaeko is an unusually principled small group of families and people with disabilities who have created and govern their own person centred, socially inclusive supports.

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  • Movement Differences and Diversity in Autism/Mental Retadation: Appreciating and Accommodating People with Communication and Behaviour Challenges

    In this simple easy to read book, Donnellan and Leary walk the reader through the implications for people with sensory and intellectual impairment in every day activities. Simple strategies and a rethink of approach to people previously considered to have behavioural issues underpins this work.

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  • Pain in the assessment

    What is the real purpose of doing an assessment? Is it to compare how a person is to the norm? If so, where will that lead to? What can be done with information identifying a person's weaknesses? Can you build goals on what a person cannot do? What is this doing for my child?

    These are...

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  • Creating Personal Portfolios: Tools for Transition, Communication and Inclusion

    When a student with a disability arrives in the classroom most teachers are armed only with the scant knowledge and reports held in official documents. But what do they or the other students actually know about who the person is beyond their disability.

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