Why We Do What We Do

Family Advocacy supports families to advocate with and on behalf of a family member with disability. We recognise that families striving for a socially valued life for their family member does and will create a richer society whereby people with disability are seen as valuable societal contributors.  The need for advocacy by families often springs from a vision of what the family want to eventuate for their child’s future and barriers that exist that may inhibit this vision.

We believe that families are most likely to take up the role of advocacy for their family member with disability over the long term and act in the person’s best interests.

We consider that families hold a natural authority in the lives of their family member with disability, while also acknowledging that this may not be the case for all families as a conflict of interest can occur between what is best for the family versus what is best for the person with disability.

How We Do What We Do

Family Advocacy recognises that to strengthen the opportunity for more people with disability to lead valued lives requires a multi layered approach to strengthening the knowledge and support that families may need to support their family member in achieving a life of rich and authentic participation.

Family Advocacy’s Key Focus Areas:

Strength of Families

People with disability and their families/allies have the skills, knowledge and confidence to be active and valued members of community.

Strength of Community

The narrative within Australian society has changed; enabling people with disability to lead ordinary lives rather than segregated and programmed lives.

Strength of Advocacy

Working together, we challenge restrictive and discriminatory laws, policies and practices that keep people with disability segregated and limited.



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