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A Principal's Perspective: Inclusive Education

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"What society calls a 'disability' often simply represents differences - sometimes extreme differences - in learning styles. We know that everyone has different ways of learning, and the belief that every child is a lifelong learner permeated the culture at our school." This is just one of many insightful comments by the principal of an inclusive elementary school. And as you'll learn from this article, whether a school becomes inclusive isn't about money, staff training, or students with disabilities: it's about your heart, as evidenced by another bit of wisdom from this principal, "When you create a culture of caring, it's hard to not have an inclusive school."

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Kathie Snow
Disability is Natural website
Publication Date
26 May 2005
Attitudes, Child Care, Education, Families, Friendship, Inclusion, Individualisation, Integration, Pre-school aged, Professionals, School age
United States

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