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Building Inclusive Communities in Seattle - involving all neighbors

Written Material

"What does the Department of Neighborhoods do to encourage persons with developmental disabilities to get involved in neighborhood life?" That question prompted the beginning of a program called Involving All Neighbors. The program was used to explore different ways people could be welcomed and involved in their neighbourhood. This series of stories and strategies from Seattle emerge from that program and describe examples of people with disability becoming involved in the life of the community to the benefit of all. The stories are likely to be helpful for families who are seeking ideas about how their son or daughter could be included, for families wanting to provide guidance and ideas for those working to support their son or daughter and for professionals who are keen to support people with disability develop skills and pursue interests. It may be helpful to read these stories in conjunction with The Art of Asking by Ric Thompson (File number: 11146)

Department of Neighbourhoods, Seattle
Publication Date
1 June 2005
Attitudes, Community Development, Families, Inclusion, Individualisation, Social Activities

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