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  • Down Syndrome is not a Disease, but Another Personal Characteristic

    Pablo Pineda is Spain's first university graduate with Down Syndrome. In an interview, he comments that he found university 'liberating', but had to overcome a great deal of prejudice about his disability. He believes attitudes are changing, but there is more work to be done.

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  • Supporting Self-Determination with Integrity

    This article traces the history of self-determination for people with developmental disability. The authors argue that while advocates work towards achieving independence and empowerment, they should not loose sight of the importance of interdependence, contribution and engagement.

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  • Worth Living

    In this powerful article, Johnson confrontingly writes of her happiness and success in life 'despite' her incurable neuromuscular disease. She argues against the judgment of a South Carolina court that the assisted suicide of disabled people was 'an act of mercy'.

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  • Learning to Listen: The Key to Supported Living

    Supported living is a service which enables a person with developmental disability to join an agency which provides whatever assistance necessary for them to live in a secure home of their own.

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  • Looking past family

    This article discusses the misconceptions and overt discrimination which surrounds parents with an intellectual disability. The child protection system perceives disability as an automatic risk factor, discriminating against the parent while claiming to protect the child's interest.

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  • Just a little boy

    This article reports on 6 year-old David's experience in a mainstream classroom. The inclusion of a student with Down Syndrome has taught the school a great deal.

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  • Representing the Institution: Reflections on Barriers to Inclusive Teacher Education

    This academic article discusses barriers to the development of inclusive teacher practices in England and how they might be reduced. Inclusion refers to the minimisation of racial, sexual and socio-economic discrimination, with little specific mention of disability.

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  • The Current Erosion of Human Rghts and the Nature of Humanness

    This article reports that despite superficial support for inclusion, the Canadian government and public continue to support the practice of eugenics. Eugenics is the study of hereditary improvement of the human race by controlled selective breeding.

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  • Cecile Sullivan Elder

    Cecile Sullivan Elder

    Executive Officer

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  • Karen Tippett

    Karen Tippett

    Advocacy and Leadership Development Manager

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