Take the Pledge: Same Classroom.
Same Opportunity.

For decades, successive governments in NSW have maintained systemic separation and segregation of students with disabilities from their peers. 

Often relegated to different schools and different classrooms, these students have been taught different content by different teachers resulting in thousands of strong, resilient, and courageous young people excluded from the joy of full participation with their peers at their local school.

Family Advocacy is:

  • for inclusion for ALL
  • for creating a NSW school system that can support every child's learning in every classroom so they can reach their full potential
  • for making NSW a place where disability doesn’t mean exclusion and segregation
  • for every student in NSW having the opportunity to reach their potential, to learn with their peers and feel a sense of belonging in their local school.

The Same Classroom. Same Opportunity campaign is focused on ensuring every student, no matter their circumstance, has a valued place in their local public school; in the same classroom, with same teacher.

As part of the campaign, we want to gather 10,000 visual pledges all posted on Instagram, so we can show the policy makers it is time for constructive and meaningful change.

Take a look at the Instagram account now >

How you can participate: 

Other useful documents

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Guide to Systemic Meetings

Driving change: A roadmap for achieving inclusive education in Australia

The Australian Coalition for Inclusive Education (ACIE), of which Family Advocacy is a core member, has released ‘Driving change: A roadmap for achieving inclusive education in Australia’. You can read more about the roadmap and download it here.

We are for strengthening authentic inclusive education in NSW

Families often express how valuable it is to hear positive stories of inclusive education in action. 'Al's story' below, shows that authentic inclusive education is possible in NSW and it should be a given for every child. The film was crafted by Citrine Pictures to support our Same Classroom Same Opportunity campaign.

If you would like to share your son or daughter's story of resilience, belonging and success, please contact us to have a chat.

Al's story

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