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Working Toward Inclusive Schools: Guidelines for Developing a Building-based Process to Create Change

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The goal of the Inclusive Education Project was to "create or further develop schools as communities in which all students...can attend and experience full membership". The Project members worked with 8 schools in total, convening working groups which engaged in a planning process to develop their vision of an inclusive school. These guidelines begin with the premise that the process of creating an inclusive school can begin with small but extremely significant first steps - for example one teacher welcoming a student with extensive support needs into his/her class. These initial first steps, however, must be supported by the entire school community or the process will be stalled. Therefore a process for change needs to be put in place to bridge the gap between the first steps and the creation of an inclusive school. Keywords: Education, School age

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Davern, Linda et al
The Inclusive Education Project, Syracuse University
Publication Date
1 January 1993
Education, School age
United States

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