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Working together, sharing and helping each other: Co-operative learning in a first grade class that includes students with disabilities

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This booklet would be an excellent resource for teachers wanting to learn more about co-operative learning and then implement it in their classroom. It explains the 5 basic elements involved in one model of co-operative learning and then gives extensive examples of actual lesson plans to illustrate these basic elements. It gives teachers hints of how to learn about co-operative learning. Other sections include how to structure lessons (e.g. forming groups, arranging roles etc.), developing lessons (including how to make adaptations for individual students) and implementing and evaluating lessons. The impacts on these students (including those with significant disabilities) and the two teachers from this first grade class were extremely positive as the class reflected co-operation, interdependence and active communication rather than competition and individualism. There is also an extensive bibliography. Keywords: Education, School age. Searchword: Curriculum

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Ayres, Barbara O'Brien, Lorinda Rogers, Theresa
The Inclusive Education Project, Syracuse University (NY)
Publication Date
1 January 1992
Education, School age
United States

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