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Willing and Able: P.E. and Sport for Young People with Disabilities, An Introduction to Inclusive Practices


Willing and Able is a joint project from the Aussie Able program and Aussie Sport. It is the first of the Willing and Able resources and is also the core resource for the project. It provides information on a number of aspects of inclusive leisure and sport such as :,1. placement options available for young people of varying abilities; 2. planning; 3. activity modifications and adaptations; 4. how inclusive programming fits in with the regular school curriculum; and 5. the causes, types of and implications for physical activity of a number of disabilities. This is a well set out book, with great pictures, cartoons and quotes and will be an excellent resource for anyone involved/interested in the provisions of leisure and sporting activities for young people. Keywords: Social Activities, Education

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Downs, Peter
Australian Sports Commission
Publication Date
1 January 1995
Social Activities, Education

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