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Whole of life planning for students with multiple disabilities in Australian schools

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Inclusive schooling demands creativity on the part of the school and its staff in designing effective teaching strategies to meet the needs of all students. Steer argues that curriculum decisions for children with multiple disabilities should be based on shared understanding of the individual student's needs, strengths and abilities. He believes that families should have input to the process, and stresses the importance of looking at the student should be doing when he/she graduates from school. He proposes that a MAPS (McGill Action Planning System) should be carried out before developing an IEP (Individual Education Plan) for the student. MAPS is a group, problem-solving, collaborative team approach to program planning that focusses on the individual. In his article, Steer outlines the eight key questions that are part of the MAPS process. Keywords: Education, School age, Inclusion

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Steer, Michael
Access, April/May 1999, p.19-
Publication Date
1 January 1970
Education, School age, Inclusion

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