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What's really worth doing and how to do it. A book for people who love someone labelled disabled (Possibly yourself); and From Behind the Piano: The building of Judith Snow's unique circle of friends


These two titles are contained within one book. ,Book 1:The author, Judith Snow, says her book is about strategies to make it possible for people who are vulnerable to be more present and included in their communities. Her premise is that we must replace the thinking of disability with the thinking of "giftedness". This book helps you get started to build support circles (i.e. circles of friends). It is inspired by people labelled disabled, others vulnerable to rejection and those who love them. Book 2: This book, a textbook in many human service programs, is used by high schools teachers, college professors and as a great human interest story. The book details the personal story of helping Judith Snow move out of an institution and into the community. In the process, a circle of support was born that not only helped Judith, but changed the lives of all involved. The message is powerful and simple: None of us can deal with a crisis alone. The book explains the formation of the "Joshua Committee" as Judith Snow named her Circle of Support. John O'Brien's 10 page afterward is a brilliant essay about the message of hope embedded in the book. The book is an inspiration for people with disabilities attempting to get out of any kind of institutional setting. Keywords: Inclusive participation, Circles of Support, Friendship,

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Judith Snow and Jack Pearpoint.
Publication Date
20 May 2005
Self Determination, Friendship, Inclusion, Integration

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