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We come bearing gifts. The story of Deohaeko Support Network.


This is the story of twelve families from the Durham Region in Ontario (USA) who joined together in 1989 to provide a better future for their sons and daughters with a disability. They developed two projects: the Rougemount Co-operatives Homes, Inc. - an apartment building where 10 of the sons and daughters live now- and the Deohaeko Support Network, Inc. - a life-long program to ensure the existence of support within the community where their children live. This is an inspiring story of permanent commitment and joined efforts to influence, shape and encourage the development of a community. The book is not a recipe for success but it gives details about how these families achieved objectives, from funding to the promotion of learning among others, and its aim is to lead families and individuals to act upon their own dreams. Keywords: Community Development, Accommodation, Families.

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Klees, Janet
Deohaeko Support Network
Publication Date
18 May 2005
Accommodation, Community Development, Families
United States

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