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UNESCO and Special Education

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A good introduction to inclusive education at the international level. The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO) has a very clear mission about inclusion with in its special education work. For UNESCO, inclusive education is seen in terms of broader school reform aimed at accommodating diversity and offering quality education to all students. This mission was cemented by a statement emerging from the June 1994 World Conference on Special Needs Education in Salamanca, Spain (see extract at end of article). Two other major areas of action within this framework have been Policy and Planning and Teacher Education. The first included publishing a policy document and carrying out seminars in countries such as Botswana, Austria and China, in order to mobilise professional support for developing education opportunities for students within the regular system. The latter included a teacher training package.,Keyword: Education, School age

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van Steenlandt, Danielle
Inclusion International, Number 1
Publication Date
1 May 1995
Education, School age

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