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The Origin and Nature of our Institutional Models


This monograph is very old (1968), but still very relevant. It's relevant because despite continued 'scandals' in the media, despite reports like the Richmond Report, despite the work of advocacy organisations, institutions and institutional thought still continue to operate. Why? This monograph is a critique of such thought and structures; provides an insightful explanation of the ideologies and assumptions which have justified institutions. The reader emerges with a better understanding of how institutions developed (esp. in the USA), how thoughts and concepts shifted within this institutional framework and how such shifts were linked to broader societal happenings. Most importantly, this monograph tells us that right now we need to understand the effects of our ideologies on those whom we intend to serve. Will our present concepts and strategies become the inhuman institutionalised practices of the future? Keywords: Theory, Attitudes, Social Role Valorisation

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Wolfensberger, Wolf
Human Policy Press, Syracuse, New York
Publication Date
1 January 1975
Social Role Valorisation, Theory, Attitudes
United States

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