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The Limits and Vulnerabilities of Individualized Support Arrangements: Some Dimensions of Quality that must be Monitored Carefully in Individualised Options

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Flexible individualised supports are rightly promoted as a core strategy in responding to the unique needs of people with disability. There are, however, risks and limitations involved. In this article, Michael Kendrick outlines the issues of quality that need to be addressed when planning and undertaking individualised supports. These include ensuring that the supports offered are wholly relevant to the person, proper implementation of supports, and taking into consideration the realities of personal and community life for the person. Kendrick concludes by saying that while flexible personalised supports are desirable, they are, at best, just one aspect of what constitutes getting and keeping a good life. He also stresses that the depth and quality of commitment to the individual concerned holds the key to the final outcome. Keyword: Individualisation

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Kendrick, M
This paper is a slightly modified extract from a lengthy independent evaluation undertaken in Nova Scotia, Canada completed in early 2001
Publication Date
23 May 2005

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