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The Glass-Eyed Bead Game

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This humorous article discusses the policy implementation process as a series of 'games' between players with diverse interests. Each player will seek to avoid scrutiny of their actions, and responsibility and blame for any wrong decisions. Each will shift blame onto another player, yet attempt to maximise the benefits for their individual organisation. An exploration of the various 'games' played, such as the 'tokenism game', the 'monopoly game', the 'not our problem' game and the 'goal deflection' game, reveal the sources of inefficiency and delay in the policy implementation system. The article presents a cynical view of bureaucratic policy delays and urges greater co-operation between stakeholders.

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Mike Steer
Disparity Spring 2003 p 13-18
Publication Date
25 May 2005
Government, Ethics, Professionals, Legal, Individualisation, Self Determination, Social Role Valorisation, Tertiary
United States

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