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The dignity of risk

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Robert Perske is an ally of people with disabilities in the U.S.A. He and his wife, Martha, collaborated on two major reports to U.S. presidents; one to President Carter and one to President Nixon. In this article he writes from the basis that we overprotect people who have disabilities and that to "deny any person their fair share of risk experiences is to further cripple them for healthy living". He cites new (the article was written in 1972 but is still timely) attitudes towards risk and people with disabilities in Scandinavia and asks is it applicable to the North American scene. Since we in Australia learn much from our American neighbours, this article is of value. It looks at how we must allow for people's individuality and growth potential. It concludes with the statement, "there can be such a thing as human dignity in risk, and there can be a dehumanising indignity in safety!" (Note: As this article was written in 1972, some of the language is dated.) Keyword: Attitudes

Perske, Robert
The Association for Retarded Citizens
Publication Date
1 January 1972
United States

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