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The desire for inclusion in Wichita, Kansas

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This is an article which discusses the philosophy and emerging practices of inclusive education, and then how these have come to fruition in the school district of Wichita (USA). The author makes a number of really great points. Firstly he argues that all people can have influence and change the system if prepared to join with others (it is not the person/people 'above' you (eg. the teacher, the principal or the Director of Education) who can create change - this is a 'cop-out'). Secondly he says that increased resources do not necessarily make inclusion work better - Inclusion is a belief system. Lastly he argues that if individual parent initiatives are to be sustained there must be leadership shown by school administrators and other professionals within the education system. Keyword: Education, School age

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Whittaker, Joe
New Learning Together Issue 1
Publication Date
1 April 1994
Education, School age

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