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Supports for children and teens with developmental disabilities in integrated recreation/leisure activities

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Walker describes the issue of providing support to people in their leisure activities. She states that there are three essential components to such support (which are actually sound components in any inclusive situation): 1. supports based on a value and belief in inclusion (that is, all) 2. supports that are both individualised and flexible, and 3. supports that promote social interactions and friendships. The article is good because its emphasis is not on the technical aspects of support (for eg. ways of adapting activities etc.) but the social aspects - for example, that the most important component of individualised support is to get to know the child/teenager because support can only occur in the context of a relationship. There is also important information about the specific role of a support person. Keywords: Social activities, Inclusion

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Walker, Pam
Walker, Pam. "Resources on integrated recreation/leisure opportunities for children and teens with developmental disabilities
Publication Date
1 July 1990
Social Activities, Inclusion
United States

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