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Support and Services for People with Disabilities: Proceedings of the SWRC Conference Number 76


This report is the proceedings of a special one day conference organised by SWRC and held in Sydney on September 23 1988. The general theme seems to have been 'community' specifically related to the process of deinstitutionalisation. One of the speakers was David Richmond (of the instrumental 1983 Richmond Report in terms of being a catalyst to the deinstitutionalisation process in Australia) who spoke of past trends and emerging issues in disability services, particularly improvements in access to general community services, the movement towards a community based model of service provision and the development of stronger advocacy for people with disabilities. Other speakers reviewed research about the effects of the deinstitutionalisation process and another speaker discussed the assumptions and effects of community care as they impacted on families. Keyword: Community Development

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Graham, Sara Whiteford, Peter (eds)
Social Welfare Research Centre (SWRC), University of NSW
Publication Date
1 February 1989
Community Development

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