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Drawing on their Australian experience, the authors argue that while an understanding an adherence to Social Role Valorization (SRV) should form the basis of good service delivery, it should be supplemented with a wide range of skills from many disciplines. They assert that, in Australia, the strategy of enhancing people's competencies is often not given a high priority. Using the example of Janine, they show how an understanding of SRV - combined with a range of professional disciplines - impacts on the way that supports are provided. (This paper was presented to the 2nd International Conference of SRV, Creating Possibilities: The Difference Social Role Valorization Makes, June 1999.) Keywords: Social Role Valorisation, Individualisation

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Cameron-McGill, F; Van Dam, T
SRV - VRS Vol. 4 (1 & 2)
Publication Date
23 May 2005
Social Role Valorisation, Individualisation

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