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Some reasons why Social Role Valorisation is important

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This is an easy to read, clear article concerned with the author's personal arguments for why he believes SRV to be important. He gives 12 reasons (as well as a list of some of the questions/criticisms he has formulated over the years) which range from the relevance of the theory to individuals (such as that it raises consciousness and provides a way for individuals to take a stand against devaluation) to broader global and theoretical/ ideological issues (SRV highlights the role that societal structures and agencies play in the social devaluation of many groups of people). The author also recognises that the theory has many limitations. NB. This would be a great article to read in response to Bleasdale's critique of an SRV lecture series (File No. 10518). Keyword: Social Role Valorisation

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Kendrick, Michael
S.R.V: The International Social Role Valorisation Jrnl Vol. 1 No. 1
Publication Date
1 January 1994
Social Role Valorisation
United States

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