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Some Initial Thoughts On Establishing "Right Relationship" Between Staff, Professionals, Service Organisations and the People They Assist

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Perhaps the most common complaint one hears from the experiences of people who find they must rely on formal human services is that they do not feel particularly well treated. Sometimes this takes the form of decidedly overt and obnoxious conduct on the part of someone, but more often it expresses itself in more subtle ways that are nevertheless just as distressing. The rise to dominance of human service organizations in the past several decades has placed these organizations into a controlling role in the lives of the many thousands of people who have no choice but to rely on them for support. This control has greatly accentuated these underlying concerns about getting the relationship "right" between them and the people supported by them.

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Kendrick, Michael J.
Queensland Advocacy Incorporated Newsletter, Part A and B, March 2000 and July 2000
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22 May 2005
Respite, Professionals

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