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Social reform through empowerment

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Dulcie McCallum, the Ombudswoman for British Colombia (Canada,) analyses two historical processes that have taken place in most Western political systems: firstly, the historical development of service and other systems by governments. The problem has been that governments did not (and do not) take everyone's interests into account when these systems were designed, leading to the exclusion of many people, including people with disabilities, elderly people, indigenous peoples and other ethnic minorities, and women. Secondly, these traditionally excluded groups are now demanding change. They are forcing governments to listen to all the people they serve and this is what she sees as empowerment. McCallum suggests ways in which people can be involved in this process of change, relating these ideas of 'inclusion' and 'exclusion' back to her role and her own professional ethics. Keyword: Community Development

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McCallum, Dulcie
Entourage Volume 8 Number 1
The Roeher Institute
Publication Date
1 January 1993
Community Development

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