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San Diego Just for the Fun of it: A Consumer Recreation Guide for Persons with Disabilities Living in San Diego County


"This booklet is for people with disabilities who think that having friends and having fun is important. It is also for their families and teachers. This booklet has specific information on identifying, planning , and doing social, leisure and recreational activities...This handbook has basic information and steps to help people with disabilities choose and participate in social, leisure and recreational activities in their homes and community, alone and with friends, with people who have disabilities and with those who do not..."(p.1). Each section (e.g. Sports/Athletics, Outdoor Activities, etc) is divided into 3 subsections - a Checklist, a Planning Form and an Information Sheet. Each is able to be adapted to a person's specific circumstance and it would be quite simple to insert Australian information on the Information Sheet. Keyword: Social Activities

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Aceves, Kathy et al
Grossmont Union High School District, Education Development Project (USA)
Publication Date
1 January 1991
Social Activities
United States

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