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P.A.T.H.: A workbook for planning positive possible futures


P.A.T.H. - Planning Alternative Tomorrows with Hope - is a fluid (but structured) process concerned with designing, planning and problem solving around particular people, issues and organisations. It is kind of a follow on from MAPS - McGill Action Planning Systems (see elsewhere in Inclusion Collection) - as the authors were concerned that this system often did not deal adequately with planning within very complex, demanding and changing environments. The book is really a guide for facilitators of the P.A.T.H. process (i.e. those leading a group through it). The authors argue that these facilitators should have experienced some or all of P.A.T.H. themselves. Some ways people have used it: redesigning the structure of an advocacy group; planning the closure of a work activity centre by developing other employment opportunities; increasing the effectiveness of a school's efforts for inclusion. Keyword: Community development. Searchword: Individualisation

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Pearpoint, J O'Brien, J Forest, M
Inclusion Press, Toronto
Publication Date
1 January 1970
Community Development

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