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Inclusion or Segregation for Children with an Intellectual Impairment: What does the Research Say?

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An inclusive education has been legally supported in Australia since 1992, and recommended by the united Nations since 1994. However, there has been a considerable reluctance from state and private education systems to adopt inclusion as the norm. With over 30 years working in the disability and Special Education fields, together with families, schools and universities, Bob Jackson decided to review the international research on Inclusion versus Segregation. No review could be found that came out in favour of segregation in over forty years of research. This research discusses all aspects of inclusion throughout the school years and beyond, to university; from the importance of parent's involvement to the role of support teachers. The message is clear that inclusion leads to not only a better education but, acceptance, interaction and friendships.

Bob Jackson
Queensland Parents for People with a Disability
Publication Date
1 June 2008
Families, Professionals
Education, Families, Inclusion, Professionals, School age, Tertiary

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