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Inclusion - Belief Driven Action

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This is an excellent summary of the leadership shown by one entire school district in Oregon (USA); the district has a policy of Inclusion from kindergarten to Year 12, which is a policy described in terms of "diversity" rather than "disability". It is an excellent example of a 'top down' approach to change and its benefits; eg. the ability to provide real and ongoing support to teachers, curriculum development that actually values students as 'knowers' and 'teachers'. This story provides a balance to the 'bottom up' approach to inclusive education (ie. parents and families struggling at a local level to get their family member included) and how much more inclusive and smoother the process is if leadership is shown by education departments and school systems. Keywords: Education, School age

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Long, Jill Tvedten
New Learning Together Issue 1
Publication Date
1 April 1994
Education, School age

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