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In a Struggling Voice: The Selected Poems of Robert Williams.


"Poetry has two fates in life. It can gather dust on the upper shelf of a dank closet. Or, it can be published, breathe fresh air into its lungs and begin to take on a life of its own. The schism and choice is always that sharp, always that clear. People with severe disabilities are like poetry. The schisms and choices we face in life are just as sharp. Just as clear. Far too many still lay dormant, closeted away-out of sight, out of mind. In large measure, In a Struggling Voice is made up of poetry reflective of their struggle, the choicelessness they face in everyday life and their unbounded will to live free and well-supported in community with all others." - Robert R. Williams. Keyword: Self Determination

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Williams, R.
Publication Date
1 January 1989
Person with disability
Self Determination
United States

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