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Implementing best practices for all students in their local school


This is an extremely practical guide to implementing and maintaining inclusive schooling practices. In Vermont, local school administrators, general and special educators, parents and other community members have been working collaboratively to develop school climates, structures, curricula, and instructional supports which enable their schools to improve education for all students. The purpose of this book is therefore to share some of the processes which have been developed to assist local schools with inclusion. The book travels from the ideology behind inclusion to how to include students, families and others in school planning and how to set up, develop and implement an individual student plan. This would be a good book for parents, teachers and principals who believe in inclusion but want to know how they can make their dream a reality. Keyword: Education, School age

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Fox, Timothy Williams, Wes
Vermont Statewide Systems Support Project, University of Vermont
Publication Date
1 October 1991
Education, School age
United States

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