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Full Inclusion for Nicholas at Ellington High School

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The article discusses successful inclusion strategies adopted by Ellington High School, using the case study of 16 year-old Nick. Each student has an Individualised Education Plan, which is shaped and implemented by the student's family, teachers and assistants, as well as an inclusion specialist. Collaboration between members of the team is crucial to the success of inclusion, as is an inclusive philosophy within the school community. ,,Throughout his school life, Nick has grown increasingly independent. Commencing high school, Nick decided he no longer needed a full-time aide, allowing for more direct communication with teachers and fellow students. Nick's support team meets regularly to fine-tune his individualised educational goals, and to collaboratively problem-solve vocational options for the future.,

Nancy Simmonds
LRE News
Publication Date
26 May 2005
Attitudes, Families, Friendship, Inclusion, School age, Social Activities
United States

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