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From you: Advice for parents of children with special needs


At the time this was published, Anne Whaite was a consultant for the NSW Department of Health and Judy Ellis was the Director of the Commonwealth Office on Disability. Judy is also the parent of a young man with an intellectual disability and the Coordinator of this organisation. The book provides information and advice to parents about such issues as finding out about a child's disability, the effect on the rest of the family, employment and dealing with professionals, and is filled with anecdotes by parents in such sections. Such anecdotes are important for two reasons. Firstly, parents of a child with a disability often say that their best source of information and support is other parents in the same situation. Secondly, professionals need to gain a greater understanding and awareness of the dilemmas of parents in order to work with them to achieve positive futures for sons and daughters with disabilities. Keyword: Families

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Whaite, Anne Ellis, Judy
Williams & Wilkins and Associates, Sydney
Publication Date
1 January 1987

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