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Forging Independent Links between Community Members: our role in attitude change

Written Material

In this article, reprinted in the DSA of NSW Newsletter, Deborah Fullwood talks about the attitudes which are commonly shown towards people with a disability and the implications of those attitudes. Fullwood believes we should look at what we want to achieve and then at the attitudes which support this: Fullwood wants her son who has a disability to be included in all areas of life in the same way as the rest of the family. She doesn't want him to be limited by the perceptions of others. Fullwood offers strategies to move people towards attitudes that are more supportive of community inclusion. She challenges us to lead the way towards changed community attitudes in order to facilitate community inclusion, saying 'We must act now!' Keywords: Advocacy, Families

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Fullwood, D
Wellington DSA News
Publication Date
1 September 1996
Advocacy, Families

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