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Glen Clifton-Sheppard found his voice at sixteen and a half, when a facilitated communication board allowed him to overcome the challenges of Downs Syndrome and autism and finally communicate. This book is an anthology of Glen's poetry, in which he movingly reflects on themes such as love, hope, fear and the frustration of being betrayed by the 'brown mist' of autism.,,Sheppard also reflects on the challenges faced in his life, and how the love of his mother and brothers and commitment of various support workers sustained him through great pain and sadness and allowed him to express himself. Although he has formed positive relationships with support workers, Sheppard express frustration at their low pay which leads to high turnover and great insecurity. He hopes that in future the service system will become more focused on the needs of the individual.,,This book provides unique insights into living with autism and an uplifting perspective of an individual's journey to self-expression.,

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Glen Clifton Sheppard
Glen Sheppard
Publication Date
24 May 2005
Person with disability
Attitudes, Inclusion, Individualisation, Self Determination, Social Role Valorisation

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