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Disabling Barriers - Enabling Environments


The major theme of this book is that 'disability' is caused by the way society is organised, i.e. disability is not so much a person's impairment as the way society accommodates that person's needs. The central feature of 'Disabling Barriers' is the lack of say that people with disability have in their lives and in society, with the denial of equal opportunities and rights, with the ultimate realisation of this being their segregation from mainstream society. It is argued that one of the effects of the social construction of disability is the development of inappropriate disability services combined with the 'professional'/client approach rather than collaboration in the struggle for social change. Many of the book's contributors have a physical or sensory disability and so are able to offer a personal perspective. Keywords: Theory, Attitudes

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Swain, J, et al (Eds.)
Sage Publications in assn with The Open University
Publication Date
1 January 1993
Attitudes, Theory

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