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Day care and the integration of disabled children in Norway

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Eriksen takes us on a journey through the Norwegian day care system for pre-school aged children. He begins with the historical trends that led to centre based care being almost universally accepted as a supplement to parental care. He then discusses the very strong legislative and political moves to include children with a range of disabilities in such child care facilities. Such legislation states that parents should have a decisive say in where and how their child will be placed. Eriksen found that most day care workers did not think of children in their centre as disabled or not disabled, but rather that they had a number of children to care for, most with some level of problem. The reason for the problem (including having a disability) was not important in itself. Keywords: Child Care, Pre-school aged

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Eriksen, John
Family Matters Number 39
Aust. Inst. of Family Studies
Publication Date
1 December 1994
Child Care, Pre-school aged

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