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Critical Issues in the Lives of People with Severe Disabilities


REFERENCE ONLY -THIS BOOK IS NOT FOR LOAN: Each of the six major sections of this book begin with a series of value statements which form resolutions by TASH. In response to those values statements, contributions were invited from more than 70 experts and advocates. The collection is designed to provide an authoritative, scholarly, and up-to-date review of current knowledge of issues of critical importance in the lives of people with severe disabilities. It has particular application for human service providers, with the essay and dialogue chapters being directed to professionals as well as parents, advocates and other interested people. It includes recommendation sections at the conclusion of each of the review chapters, together with a chapter (41) designed to be of particular interest to policy makers.

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Meyer, Luanne H et al
Paul H Brookes Publishing Co
Publication Date
1 January 1990
Accommodation, Day Activities, Education, Employment, Families, Friendship, Pre-school aged, Social Activities, Theory, Professionals
United States

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