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Circle of Friends


Circle of Friends is an approach to enhancing the inclusion, in a mainstream setting, of any young person who is experiencing difficulties in school because of a disability, personal crisis or because of their behaviour towards others. The 'circle of friends' approach works by mobilising the young person's peers to provide support and engage in problem solving with the person in difficulty. This DVD introduces us to three real Circles of Friends in school in action: the members of the circle explain how they and their friend with a disability have benefited from the experience; they also explain how the circle works and what has been easy or difficult in the process. The video also includes training slides describing the Circle of Friends process and samples of the materials that have been used in schools and in training to support the creation of circles of friends.,,

Inclusive Solutions UK
Inclusive Solutions UK
Publication Date
27 May 2005
Inclusion, School age, Friendship, Education

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