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A benefit - cost analysis of integrated and segregated programs serving individuals with severe disabilities: a sourcebook of technical methods and procedures used in the economic analysis


This purely economic study, based in the United States aims to identify the economic cost of both integrated and segregated education programs, the post school employment productivity levels of students graduating from representative programs and the economic return on public investments made to segregated and integrated programs in terms of employment outcomes. The final analysis produced a benefit-cost model that identified the monetary benefits produced by the segregated and integrated graduates in relationship to school and adult service costs. Both short and long term results show a substantially higher return on integrated investments as compared to returns for segregated programs - investments in integrated programs have resulted in lower adult service costs, higher productivity and higher earnings. Keywords: Community Development, Education, Employment

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Piuma, M
San Francisco State University, California
Publication Date
1 January 1990
Education, Employment, Community Development
United States

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