Below are examples of people with disability who have really thought about finding employment opportunities that have suited them and all of these began with having high expectations from families and having a vision. The examples of the individuals come with a variety of disabilities and varying support needs, some have no communication, some have been labelled with "challenging behaviour". Most of their families were told when they were born their life would be limited and not to expect much – do not even imagine them working in real employment, but despite this these individuals and their families have chosen a different path, one that is far from this. Some are from cities, some are from rural areas, some are supported by an employment service, and others are being innovative with using their support hours to start their own business or become volunteers in their communities. 

Josh's Story - Josh attended his local school in the regular class and completed his work experience with two businesses whilst at school; he is now volunteering at both businesses as well as running his own mail courier service, JLSMailink. This film highlights how far reaching the beneficial impacts of an inclusive education can be and how instrumental it is for families to have a strong vision of the possibilities of the future.


Tims Place - read about Tim, a man fulfilling his dreams and challenging expectations, and watch this 4 minute clip of Tim as a Restaurant Owner for more insights.  

Cameron: The receptionist 


Warren: Police Volunteer  


Adam – Business owner Adam’s apple


Jackson – Jack Mail 

 Hear more from Sally Richards and Jackson's employee in this Talks That Matter film by Belonging Matters.

Nathan Basha - Social Entrepreneur and motivational speaker 
Cameron: Business Owner – Cam Can 
Jamie Brewer: Hollywood Actress  
Alex: Business owner, artist - Collaboart
Dan: Jewelry Maker, Business owner
Alex Sneddon: Office Worker and Volunteer
Margaret: Retail employee
Joel: Software Developer Hewlett-Packard
Glen: Author and University Student 
Visit Resourcing Inclusive Communities 'Valued Roles' page for more examples

Resources and articles 

Customised Employment - These are the notes from a presentation made by Peter Symonds, General Manager for Operations at Possability in Tasmania. Instead of competing for advertised jobs in the open labour market, customised employment strategies are used to support people to create opportunities in businesses and organisations that suit their unique skill set and support needs.

Seeking quality Customised Employment Supports - This resource by Resourcing Inclusive Communities, aims to support family members to approach services or job coaches in a positive and helpful way, to help achieve better Customised Employment outcomes.

Factsheet: Questions for Disability Employment Services - This document is intended to help prompt ideas and questions to ask when investigating a Disability Employment Service (DES) for your family member.

Planning my career - A group of exercises and strategies designed for planning a job or career for a young person with a disability. 
CV - Template - A word document template, which has headings that will help guide you in putting together a CV 
Using natural supports in the work place 
Ethical guidelines for professionals in supported employment
Expanding the Job and Career Options for People with Significant Disabilities

Preparing For Life Transitions: Home to School; Class to Class; Primary to High School; High School to University, TAFE or Work  
Daring to have high work expectations - Nathan and Joanne Basha 

A way of doing something better…the Changes that have come from services: 

Changing Lives, Yes We Can! Mary Kealy, Ireland 
Ontario's sheltered workshops to close forever - Province vows better services and opportunities for people with intellectual disabilities, with a gradual rollout “one person at a time
Oregon's sheltered workshops for the disabled to be phased out under terms of settlement

Watch Michael Kendrick - How low expectations limit the Good Life:



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