Options for housing in NSW

Community Housing
Community housing in NSW has grown from around 13 000 dwellings in 2006 to 27 000 in 2013. It is affordable housing that is subsidised by a housing association, and/ or government. Community housing rent is usually about 25 per cent less than market rent. Community housing may be an option for your family member.

You can find a list of community housing associations by local area here.

How to apply for Community Housing

Commonwealth Rent Assistance (CRA)
CRA is a subsidy provided by Centrelink. If your family member receives a Centrelink benefit and wants to rent privately, they may be eligible. 

NSW Private Rental Assistance
There are several kinds of private rental assistance available from Housing NSW, the state government housing department (which also provides public housing). These include Rentstart bond loans, small amounts of advance rent, tenancy assistance to help people who have fallen into arrears and a statement of satisfactory tenancy for public housing tenants who are moving to the private rental market. There is also a tenancy guarantee of up to $1500 to encourage private landlords to rent to people without a previous private rental history.

NSW Private Rental Subsidy
There is also a private rental subsidy for people who have been approved for public housing but for whom there is currently no appropriate or accessible state-owned home available. 

Options for support in NSW

Individual Accommodation Support Packages (IASP)
The IASP enables people with moderate or high support needs and their family and carers to choose the accommodation supports they need to continue to live independently.

Community Support Program

Support for people with high needs living in their own home. This replaces the High needs pool and attendant care programmes.


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