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  • Needed or at Least Wanted: Sanity in the Language Wars

    In this paper, Wolfensberger analyses the subtleties and fallacies of Politically Correct language, not just in reference to people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, but the broader context of devalued human conditions and the people who ‘have them’.

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  • Inclusive Education: Front and Centre - Showcase Event (Booked out)

    Inclusive Education: Front and Centre - Showcase Event (Booked out)

    We will be facilitating this important event at Parliament house, showcasing Inclusive Education. The event is open for all families and will be co-hosted by The Hon. Sarah Mitchell MLC, Minister for Education, Prue Car MP, Shadow Minister for Education and David Shoebridge MLC, Education Spokesperson for the Greens. We hope to see you there, as the presence of people with disability and their families will send a potent message to decision makers that we have a strong collective voice.

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  • Kick-starting a work life: planning for the role

    Have a planning meetingHaving a planning meeting to discuss work possibilities can be a good way to involve friends, family or even acquaintances with your thinking and planning. It can be a great way to inject some new ideas and enthusiasm to your efforts.

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  • Supports available for employment

    Government supports – Disability Employment ServicesGovernment supports and initiatives are also in place to assist people gain employment. Your family member may be eligible to access these supports as well.

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  • What Does Social Role Valorization Have to Teach Us About How Best to Support People with Disability?

    This article introduces the reader to the major implications of social devaluation and proposes a set of strategic responses utilising substantial empirical evidence taken from the fields of education, psychology and social science especially role theory.

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  • Social Role Valorisation

    How do we help people with disability to achieve their potential? How do we understand the experiences that have shaped their lives to date? What ideas can we draw on to go forward? This section of our website shares with you some resources on Social Role Valorisation (SRV) and how families can use it to improve...

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  • Pocket Guide to Advocacy

    The inevitability of advocacy is particularly true when parents share a desire for an inclusive life for their son or daughter with developmental disabilities: for their children to have a good life in community. Advocacy in itself does not imply a struggle or an adversarial process.

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  • The purpose of life is a life with purpose: creating meaningful futures through valued roles.

    ‘Person Centered Practice’, ‘Self Direction’, ‘Community Inclusion’ and ‘Participation’ are words we hear all the time.

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  • Inclusive Education - From Promise to Practice

    Inclusive Education - From Promise to Practice

    After more than 40 years of practice and research, the full inclusion of students with intellectual and other disabilities in regular education classrooms continues to be problematic and often controversial. Attend this workshop to define and embark on quality inclusive schooling that benefits ALL children.

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  • Community Pathways - A Powerful Means to an Inclusive Life

    Community Pathways - A Powerful Means to an Inclusive Life

    There is much discussion as the NDIS emerges across Australia concerning inclusion of people with disability. What authentic inclusion is has already been seriously misunderstood to the detriment of people with disability. This workshop will clearly define what it means to be included and how to be mindful of the trappings of less effective practices.

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