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  • Things to consider when choosing an education path

    It is helpful for families to consider school in the context of the whole of life. Having a clear idea of the future you want for your child is very important.

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  • Education options in NSW

    Within New South Wales (NSW) there are State (public) schools, Catholic Schools and independent schools. Whichever school you decide is best for your son or daughter, there will be funding and support available to include students with disability in the regular class.

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  • Building good relationships with the school

    Importance of right relationship - A good first introduction to the school and principalWhen meeting with the principal and school it is important to be prepared and know what you want. Having a clear vision for your child that you can share with others can help in this process.

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  • New and improved IEP meetings

    Tips on how you can make an IEP work well for you when meeting with your child's school.  

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  • Family Business VS School Business

    This chart is helpful for families to work in right relationship with their child's school. It can help outline whose role is what in a school environment and help with your advocacy skills when trying to achieve a positive education for a child with disability.  

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  • Family involvement in meetings, planning and decision making

    Family involvement in planning and decision making is important because families know their child best. Family input is instrumental in making sure that the student receives appropriate support, and that necessary changes are made so they can be fully included in the classroom.

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  • Smooth transitions - in primary and high school

    Once your child is € enrolled, the transition process will begin. Careful planning and thinking will help to ensure a smooth transition for your child.

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  • Using funding supports effectively

    It is important for families to be involved in considerations about support and, where necessary, the process of applying for funding support and using it effectively

    You know your family member best and will be able to provide valuable insights that will make it more likely that your child will receive...

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  • Vulnerability in Adult Home Sharing Situations for Persons with Disabilities

    This paper central purpose is to highlight some of the more likely vulnerabilities that may be present for the people who find themselves resident in supported adult home sharing living situations.

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  • Examples of supported living

    Examples of Supported Living
    Most good examples of supported living in Australia have been the result of people getting started, with or without funding, on what they want.

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