Online NDIS Discussion Series - 18 October 2023

18 October 2023
12:00 pm - 01:00 pm
Come along to our lunch time discussion series! Together we will tackle the NDIS matters families want to know more about as they support their family member with developmental disability. Please bring your questions and thoughts to share on this topic, as it will be a facilitated conversation.

NDIS Online Discussion Series 1

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This discussion series aims to boost your confidence and resilience, so you can be proactive in setting course for a successful journey through the whole of life for your family member with developmental disability.

Why do we need these discussions?

The NDIS journey has been full of speed bumps, potholes, detours and for some the road was blocked.

The past few years have demonstrated that we can’t put all our eggs in the NDIS basket and although funding is helpful it doesn’t solve everything.

What topics are being discussed?

To get us started, below are some examples of the topics often raised by the families who contact us:

  • Why is a Vision relevant when preparing for planning meetings?
  • How do we balance therapy and joy to achieve a good life for our family member?
  • Duplication of services
  • Thinking outside therapy
  • How could a Coordinator of Supports assist  my family member?
  • NDIS Monthly Tip.

This is just a small sample - to make sure the discussion is relevant and useful to you, you will have the opportunity to send your topic or issue in the registration form.

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