Medical Safeguarding

1 July 2017
09:00 am - 04:30 pm
Lennox Room, Novotel Parramatta - 350 Church St, Parramatta NSW
Protecting the Lives of Vulnerable people within Medical Settings

The safety and treatment of vulnerable groups such as people with disability, the elderly and people with mental health issues can be significantly jeopardised within medical settings or when considering any form of medical treatment. There is alarming evidence that these marginalised groups are exceedingly vulnerable in these settings leading to a heightened prevalence of death. This is an important event for anyone who is concerned for, or acts in, the best interests of vulnerable people and wants to be vigilant in their advocacy on behalf of people within these settings. 

This will also be highly relevant and informative for medical staff and professionals seeking to expand their understanding and knowledge in order to better support people with disability in their work.

This intensive day will look at topics such as:
• Clinical and administrative complexities
• Attitudes of personnel
• What makes hospitals (and other medical settings) dangerous?

Providing strategies and understanding around:
• Core issues for people going into medical settings
• Consulting with doctors and medical professionals
• Protective measures that can be put in place

There will be allocated time throughout the day for reflection and questions.


Jo is a consultant to the Medical Safeguards Project, an effort of physicians and nurses who seek 
to protect the lives of impaired people in medical settings. She has a particular interest in advocacy 
in hospitals. She teaches workshops on defending vulnerable people in hospitals and on medical decision-making, and provides critique on the "quality of life" ideology that dominates contemporary medical practice.





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