Inclusion and the curriculum - Dr. Bob Jackson workshop

18 October 2018
09:30 am - 04:00 pm
Novotel Parramatta - The Lennox Room - 350 Church Street, Parramatta NSW
Registration includes lunch & refreshments: Parents ($30) Students ($25) Educators ($110)
A practical workshop to help parents and teachers get better outcomes for their children. Presented by Dr. Bob Jackson, an Australian expert on building inclusion through skills development.

Inclusion and the curriculum workshop










Authentic inclusion benefits all students.

So how does this work in the regular classroom learning alongside peers with and without disability?  Let’s retire the concept of ‘reasonable adjustment’ and move to the more inclusive process of universal design for learning. Doing so enables all learners to access, participate and engage in the curriculum regardless of their diversity.  Parents and educators come along to this workshop to build knowledge to enhance your roles in bringing about inclusive curriculum for students.

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About the workshop

This workshop will:

Address the tricky questions around inclusion.

Develop an understanding of how families and teachers engage around the curriculum to

strengthen a child’s inclusion and reach their full potential.

Demonstrate design and planning for a student with significant disability in a complex lesson so that they are accessing the curriculum on the same basis as all students.

Explore how to design lessons considering the various ways information can be presented, learners respond or demonstrate knowledge and skills, and subsequently, build and sustain engagement in the learning process (what works at home typically works at school as well).

Provide research, content and case studies that show how to maximise social and academic outcomes for a student.

Look beyond the traditional approaches and take-away strategies, tools and examples that bring about student participation, engagement and learning.

Give parents and teachers the opportunity to apply new learning to their own individual children and classrooms.

About Bob Jackson

Dr. Bob Jackson is the Managing Director of Include ( and has been working in the field of human services and education for over three decades. Dr Jackson has had a wide experience as a Direct Care worker, Psychologist, Manager of Disability Services, Researcher, Director of a Research Centre on Disability, Associate Professor of Education and consultant to government, private and public educations systems, agencies and families. He is also a Nationally Registered Psychologist.

About one-on-one consultation with Bob Jackson

Bob will be available for individual consultations with families who attend the workshop and wish to drill down on what they learn or have specific questions addressed. Sessions will be held on 19 October, 2018 for 90 minutes and cost $50.

Enquire early: | 02 9869 0866

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