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  • Community Life

    Community Life

    Communities are places of great possibility for natural supports and opportunities for people with developmental disability. Family Advocacy enhances the capacity of families to develop and contribute to welcoming, inclusive communities.

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  • Creating a Home

    Creating a Home

    Family Advocacy believes that people with disability have the same right as other citizens to have appropriate and relevant housing options and choices available to them. This means that the living situations of people with disability should be similar to those on offer to the general community. This section of our website has many resources that will help you in your planning and thinking around what creating a home for a person with disability can look like.

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  • Advocacy and Leadership making it happen

    Advocacy and Leadership making it happen

    Family Advocacy encourages families to speak up on behalf of their family member with disability so they have the same opportunities that other Australians enjoy. Being motivated by love, families hold a unique strength and are an important safeguard when speaking out on behalf of their family member.

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  • Podcast sends clear message about how the Department of Education views and treats students with complex needs

    What was concerning about this podcast episode was that the Department of Education seems to have missed the mark on so many levels that we would need to write an essay to explore them all. Here are just some of the points we picked up.

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  • Management Committee

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  • Staff

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  • Systemic advocacy

    Family advocacy involves family members acting on behalf of a son or daughter or sibling so that they can have the best possible life. However, as we all know, sometimes there are systemic barriers in the way.

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  • Our Organisation

    Family Advocacy 
    Family Advocacy formally known as ‘The Institute for Family Advocacy and Leadership Development’ is an independent, impartial advocacy organisation that supports families across New South Wales to promote and defend the rights and interests of people with developmental disability*.

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  • One of the Kids - Building Inclusion at School Workshop - Gymea Thursday 7 September

    One of the Kids - Building Inclusion at School Workshop - Gymea Thursday 7 September

    Join us for this free workshop to learn about inclusive education, hear stories of success from a parent guest speaker and see how inclusion works in the regular classroom.

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  • Disappointing focus for Teachers Federation 'Time to Act' campaign

    The focus of the ‘Time to Act’ campaign just launched by the NSW Teachers Federation is to increase resources to Schools for Specific Purposes (SSPs) and support units in mainstream schools.

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