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  • Linda's Story

    Linda's Story is an inspiring account of the life her son Jacob who is 10 years old, and how his life is so typical of many children of the same age.

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  • Jacob's Story

    Jacob’s story is a short film which features the journey of a teenager in year eight, at his local government high school. Jacob is an engaging and active member of his school and community.

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  • Choosing a High School

    Moving into the high school years can offer many benefits as students begin to select subjects of more interest and have a range of teachers, some of whom may be more supportive.

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  • Smooth transitions - in primary and high school

    Once your child is € enrolled, the transition process will begin. Careful planning and thinking will help to ensure a smooth transition for your child.

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  • Inclusive Education Discussion Series

    Inclusive Education Discussion SeriesFamily Advocacy believes in people with disability having access to the good things in all areas of life, that the majority of people would expect. This includes regular education with peers.

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  • Getting ready for school and life

    Are you thinking about school for your child? It is never too early to start thinking about the future.

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