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DRC podcast tile smallThis Podcast talks about why it’s worth engaging with the Disability Royal Commission and also how to do it. Episodes are only 10-15 minutes long to keep information short, concise and easy to understand. 

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Talking to the Disability Royal Commission Podcast
  • Introduction

    Talia and Troy introduce the questions this series will answer about the Royal Commission and some of the guests we will feature.

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  • What is the Disability Royal Commission?

    Talia interviews Tamara Weaver, Director of Community Engagement at the Disability Royal Commission to answer frequently asked questions.

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  • What is an Advocate and how can Family Advocacy help?

    Troy and Talia meet Carly from First Nations Disability Network, and the three talk about their roles as advocates supporting people to tell their stories to the Disability Royal Commission.

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  • Disability Royal Commission Q & A

    Talia asks Tamara from the Disability Royal Commission more questions such as; "Does my experience have to be recent?" "How long does my submission have to be?" "Can I share my experience anonymously?" "Will the DRC publish my story?"

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  • Talking About Legal Issues

    Troy talks to Oliver Moore from Your Story Disability Legal Support, a free legal service independent from the Royal Commission. They talk about privacy, confidentiality and safety of making a submission and the legal support that Your Story will provide. 

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  • Why Share with the Commission?

    This episode is a discussion between Talia and Dr Dinesh Palipana, Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Senior Advisor to the Disability Royal Commission.  Dinesh explains why it's just so important to have your say to the Disability Royal Commission.

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  • Will my Submission make a Difference?

    Dr Dinesh Palipana is back to delve deep into the reasons why your submission will make a difference. You will realise just how important it is to have your say.

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  • Families talk about their submissions

    Troy talks to two parents, Jo Cross and Susan Hoffmann about their submissions to the Royal Commission. 

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