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  • Seeing Red: From Anger to Advocacy, a guide to community inclusion for all

    The book is about Ethel Temby’s journey as a parent and as a tireless advocate working towards improving the lives of people with disability, community inclusion and deinstitutionalisation. Readers are challenged to reflect on how one thinks about the profound issues the author raises and to gain insight for going...

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  • Kim Becherand

    Kim Becherand

    Advocacy and Leadership Development Project Officer

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  • Jacqueline Currey

    Jacqueline Currey

    Advocacy and Leadership Development Coordinator

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  • Resources for families

    An important part of our work is to strengthen the knowledge of families. Through the resources available in our online resource library the Inclusion Collection, we provide families with information that is both inspiring and practical and promote positive values about people with disability. 

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  • Needed or at Least Wanted: Sanity in the Language Wars

    In this paper, Wolfensberger analyses the subtleties and fallacies of Politically Correct language, not just in reference to people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, but the broader context of devalued human conditions and the people who ‘have them’.

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  • Employment opportunities for all - practical ideas and examples

    Below are examples of people with disability who have really thought about finding employment opportunities that have suited them and all of these began with having high expectations from families and having a vision. The examples of the individuals come with a variety of disabilities and varying support needs, some have...

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  • Think about the many ways to prepare and kick-start a work life…planning for the work role

    Having a planning meeting to discuss work possibilities can be a good way to involve friends, family or even acquaintances with your thinking and planning. It can be a great way to inject some new ideas and enthusiasm to your efforts.

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  • Supports available for employment

    Government supports and initiatives are also in place to assist people gain employment. Your family member may be eligible to access these supports as well. It is important to point out that if your family member is accessing a Disability Employment Service, it is valuable for families to take an...

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  • What Does Social Role Valorization Have to Teach Us About How Best to Support People with Disability?

    This article introduces the reader to the major implications of social devaluation and proposes a set of strategic responses utilising substantial empirical evidence taken from the fields of education, psychology and social science especially role theory.

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  • Social Role Valorisation

    How do we help people with disability to achieve their potential? How do we understand the experiences that have shaped their lives to date? What ideas can we draw on to go forward? This section of our website shares with you some resources on Social Role Valorisation (SRV) and how families can use it to improve...

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